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Peter Abrahamson - Managing Director &                                                  Founder

At our core, we are creative corporate finance professionals and problem solvers.  We know that an ESOP solution for one company is not the same for another. That is what makes us take a broad view, listen to our clients and mix up ideas, as that is what creates tailored and targeted solutions.

Peter Abrahamson

"I can honestly say I have never worked with a more creative and technically focused ESOP professional.  Peter Abrahamson came up with some innovative transaction structuring ideas and strategies, which helped navigate our 3rd generation, majority family owned business to a successful 100% S-Corp. ESOP ownership structure from a 30% ESOP C-Corp. structure."  Snyder G.

"Peter Abrahamson added tremendous value to our ESOP transaction process through his creativity and technically focused ESOP expertise.  He came up with some innovative transaction structuring ideas and strategies including employee and management equity participation, which led our company to a successful 100% S-Corp. ESOP ownership structure from a 40% ESOP C-Corp. structure."  Vince T.

Allison Abrahamson - Administrator

Peter Abrahamson is the founder of ESOP Structuring Specialists, Inc. ("es2") a sell side ESOP advisory firm focused on designing and implementing optimal ESOP structures for companies and their owners.  In addition to traditional advisory services, es2 can provide services with a "merchant banking" approach and invest capital alongside management teams and owners in ESOP transaction settings.


Peter is a corporate finance professional with more than 20 years of investment banking and valuation experience, specializing in the valuation of business enterprises and individual securities, structuring and implementing ESOP transactions, and executing public and private market capital raises.  Peter has deep, technical expertise with respect to ESOP transaction financial modeling, valuation, corporate finance, tax, accounting and human capital topics.  He has analyzed, structured and implemented numerous, complex multi-investor transactions across numerous industries with particular expertise in management buyout and equity based structures which include 401(k) equity investments and/or purchased warrant equity investments.


Prior to founding es2, Peter served as Managing Director and Technical Director at Verit Advisors, LLC.  At Verit, he led the technical aspects of ESOP financial modeling, valuation, tax, accounting and human capital topics for Verit clients.  Prior to Verit, Peter was a Manager in Deloitte's valuation consulting practice where he was Deloitte's national ESOP valuation expert and most often served ESOP clients as part of cross functional teams including audit, tax and human capital professionals.


Prior to his tenure at Deloitte, Mr. Abrahamson was a Vice President and ESOP participant in the investment banking group of EVEREN Securities (now part of Wells Fargo Securities).  EVEREN was formed via a management and employee ESOP buyout structure in which employees collectively invested $30 million in ESOP stock through a 401(k) plan equity raise.  During his time at EVEREN, Peter helped raise more than $1.9 billion in growth capital in more than 30 common equity and preferred equity transactions for EVEREN clients.  Additionally, he developed expertise in structuring fixed income, convertible, preferred, equity and warrant securities.


Mr. Abrahamson serves on the ESOP Association's valuation advisory committee and has spoken at numerous conferences regarding advanced ESOP valuation and transaction structuring topics.


Peter received his undergraduate degree as a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration from Cornell University and his Masters of Business Administration in Finance and Accounting from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Allison Abrahamson