Tailoring Optimal ESOP Solutions for Your Company

Valuation, corporate finance, financial modeling, tax, employee benefits and executive compensation are common disciplines addressed in feasibility.  We have the expertise, skill and creativity to help clients navigate these topics.  The result is the creation of an optimal ESOP structure which maximizes the benefits of ESOP ownership when implemented.

When the decision is made to implement, we are there to help present, negotiate, document and lead the transaction towards a successful closing.  This requires a colloborative working approach with the transaction team which includes: company board and management, stock sellers, the buyer (ESOP trustee), attorneys, financial advisors, accountants and other transaction professionals. 

"Shall we create and implement ESOP ownership or increase existing ESOP ownership" is most often the key question addressed and answered in the feasibility stage.  When you decide to implement the ESOP structure created in feasibility, ESOP Structuring Specialists will be there to help lead the transaction. implementation.

"We will get it done and done right" when it comes to structuring and implementing your ESOP transaction 

ESOP Structuring Specialists

Ownership Transition with an ESOP Structure

An employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is an increasingly popular choice for business ownership transition versus common alternatives such as selling to financial buyers or going public.  There are significant financial and tax benefits for owners and employees which can make an ESOP structure a compelling ownership alternative.

ESOP Feasibility

ESOP Implementation

Send us an email or give us a call at 847-387-3722 to explore whether an ESOP might work for your organization. We'll be happy to set up a meeting with you to discuss your goals and ambitions with respect to ownership transition.